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Famous Buildings / August 3, 2022

Washington, DC has some of the most famous monuments in the world, from the White House to the Lincoln Memorial and the ever-visible Washington Monument. In fact, there are more famous monuments in Washington, DC than in nearly any other city in the world and they are some of the most picturesque as well. A visit to Washington, DC would not be complete without visiting a few of them. If you have very little time and don't know which one's to visit, try to visit some of the one's listed below.

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

On the other end of the Mall is the Lincoln Memorial, another one of America's finest and most beautiful monuments. It is a great vantage point for taking pictures of the Washington Monument and for looking out over the Mall.

Vietnam Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial is one of the most moving monuments in Washington, DC and if you only get to visit one then try to visit this one. Built in remembrance of the thousands of soldiers that died in Vietnam, looking at all of the names and understanding the troops hardships will move your spirit to mourn for the ones that died.

White House

You can tour the White House while in Washington, DC and see some of the famous rooms that have played a part in the forging of this nation. At some point, every American should go on a tour of the White House to give respect to the founders of our nation.

One of the most important wars in history was World War II, which brought down the tyranny of Hitler and brought a semblance of peace to a hurting world. This memorial was built in remembrance of the brave soldiers that fought in World War II and kept our country free.

All of the monuments in Washington, DC are important to our nation and as reminders of past deeds. None of them should be discounted as unimportant, but these are the monuments that best portray the cost and value of freedom, and the nation's pledge as its defender. Visit these monuments and you will understand the truth about freedom.