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Famous Buildings / July 17, 2017

Eric's years of experience and in-depth knowledge of metal buildings allows him to provide solutions for customers that are second-to-none. Eric believes it is critical to listen to clients’ needs and provide them with a product that will meet or surpass those needs while lasting for years to come. He decided to offer a lifetime warranty on the buildings supplied by Great Western because he knows the superior product they supply will stand the tests of time.

During its review of Great Western Building Systems, LLC, Ripoff Report discovered customers who choose Great Western are extremely pleased with the product, the customer service, the experience, and the knowledge of the support team. They explained this as soon as they spoke with the building experts at Great Western they realized that these were the people they wanted to work with over the course of their projects.

Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business..

The information provided in this report below is based on comments made by Nicole Hertzberg during an onsite inspection held by a third-party verification company with no biases towards Great Western Building Systems.

Great Western Building Systems sells per-engineered steel buildings to end user customers and residential owners. Nicole Hertzberg stated the following about her company, "we help the customers along the way. Once they've decided to purchase from us, we do permit drawings, we let them mark them up and make changes, and [then create] final construction drawings. We have the materials manufactured according to the specifications of the drawings and then shipped out to the customer."

Great Western Building Systems uses a unique system of websites to obtain leads for their company. These websites allow potential customers to places bids and Great Western Buildings Systems will reach out to ask for further details on the requested project. With this additional information, they will provide a quote to the potential client. Ms. Hertzberg stated the following in regards to their sales process, "we actually interview the potential customer to find out the size they are looking for, where it’s going to be built to make sure that what we quote is going to meet the needs of that area. For example, if there is a big snow load or a high wind area we make sure the building is going to be able to withstand those conditions in according to the County requirements of where it’s going to be built. Once we gather that information we plug it into our system and let them know it’s going to cost this much, if you want to buy it from us you can, and then the customer can decide to buy it. Once they buy it, they have the chance through the permitting process to go ahead and make changes and adjustments to the building before it goes into production. They have a couple of chances to look through the plans and the site and make sure everything is exactly what they are looking for."


During the on-site interview, Ms. Hertzberg was asked to describe a situation where a client was not satisfied with the level of service they received. Ms. Hertzberg expressed that his company is in its infancy and doesn't have very many complaints. This is primarily due to their commitment to customer service, "our owner has been in the business for 15 years has a lot of knowledge, and is a great resource of knowledge. If they run into problems along the way we have them talk to him directly and he can usually solve their problems or issues."

When asked to comment on complaints posted on Ripoff Report's website Ms. Hertzberg expressed that the complaints were posted by a former employer who is upset that they created a competing business. In these comments, the former employer makes false statements and accusations against Great Western Building Systems. The former employer is wanting to sue then on a non-complete, but the judge has already thrown out the preliminary injunction. Ms. Hertzberg stated the following about their accreditations, "we use accredited software to design our buildings that meet all of the proper loads and requirements for each jurisdiction. We also have everything stamped by an engineer before it goes into production. The software is called MBS or Metal Building Software. It’s actually an industry-wide program. All of the Metal Building Companies that are reputable use this software. It's built to calculate all the codes and loads all the moments, all the engineering to ensure the building is meeting these requirements and there is no undue torque in a certain corner, joint, or seam."

When asked what type of changes they have made to honor their commitment to making things right with the consumer per the request of Ripoff Report, Ms. Hertzberg stated, "we have a commitment to our customers to deliver the buildings they have purchased, and a commitment to each other to build successful family and a successful business that we believe that is honest and ethical and provides the product that is promised."

Great Western Building Systems is proud to be a part of Ripoff Reports Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program, "we are honored to be able to participate in such an amazing program that will help us ensure that our customers are satisfied and receive the service we have promised. Mostly that we are really excited about our business and where it’s going and what it’s going to become."