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Famous Buildings / February 24, 2022

But when most travelers visit another place, they don’t seek out the same food they eat at home, even if they can find it. We travel to experience what makes a place different, and special, by sampling local specialties.

What do we mean by “distinctive?” This is music that people in each city listen to quite a bit, which people in other cities also do not listen to very much. So it is, exactly, the music that makes them different from people everywhere else.

Whenever you want, your headphones can take you to hundreds of cities on this map — an interactive audiographic guide to how the world listens to music. Because this music represents music that over-indexes in these cities, it’s a great way to pluck local favorites from around the world and add the ones you like to Your Music in Spotify.

Today, this will tell you that New York, New York uniquely can’t get enough of The Chainsmokers, while Berlin thrills disproportionately to one particular song by Jakob Dylan . All of these thousand or so playlists update bi-monthly, so you can return to the map whenever you want to hear the latest distinctive music to each city.

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Source: insights.spotify.com