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Famous architectural buildings

Famous Buildings / May 3, 2017

Guggenheim Museum

In a design class, I typically used models to express myself every step of the way. In the beginning of the semester, the models were frequently abstract and crude. They often could have been mistaken as the work of a five-year-old.

As the semester progressed and I learned more about my design solution, the quality of the models started to evolve. After all design decisions were finalized, the very last step of the semester always involved building a museum-quality architecture model of my building.

Building great architecture models is a skill. It takes a lot of practice and patience, but anyone can learn it.

Use the right tool for the job

Your cake is only as good as the quality of ingredients you put into it. That old utility knife with the blade that hasn’t been changed in six months has no place being anywhere near an architectural model. Throw it away.

Source: www.businessinsider.com