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Great American building Materials

Famous Buildings / January 31, 2018

Located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati's central business district, the Great American Insurance Group Headquarters occupies 450, 000 square feet on 18 floors of the newly-constructed Queen City Square. Their new LEED Gold certified offices incorporate amenities that will help the organization attract and retain talent. The Great American headquarters is one of the largest projects to achieve certification under the LEED for Commercial Interiors designation.

The Great American headquarters is housed in the Great American Insurance Group Tower. Named after its lead tenant, the tower is a 41-story, 800, 000 SF of office space facility over a 1, 600-car parking garage. The Core & Shell of the tower is also LEED Gold certified and considered to be one of the most environmentally sensitive buildings in downtown Cincinnati, as well as the tallest and the largest.

Great American achieved LEED certification utilizing design strategies focusing on reduced energy, lighting, water and material use as well as incorporating a variety of other strategies including:

• 40% less water use

• 20% lighting power reduction

• 441.84 tons of construction waste diverted from landfills

• 21% recycled content materials

• 90% of occupants control individual lighting systems

• 77% of occupied spaces utilize daylighting

Great American chose to pursue LEED certification early in their design planning, representing a commitment from the corporate leadership to their employees’ health and wellness, as well as an outward representation to the community and world at large. A company which has been recognized as one of the “Healthiest Organizations in America, ” Great American envisioned a “green” workplace as a venue to develop more satisfied, healthier employees and enhance worker productivity. Most importantly, the company believes its investment in environmental preservation through LEED certification is a reflection its deep corporate values and optimism for the future.

KZF Design, a leading Cincinnati-based architecture and design firm, developed the interiors for Great American. KZF’s interior design and workplace knowledge of enhancing organizational, worker and facility performance facilitated the LEED certification. Working with the firm’s designers, the company added a fitness center that has dramatic views. A cyber café on each floor provides a location for staff to escape from their work and relax while enjoying coffee or lunch. Three major training/education centers help Great American’s 2, 700 employees grow as professionals. The new office is collaborative in design and flexible in layout to facilitate reorganizations and acquisitions.

Source: www.usgbc.org