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Great Lakes School of Log building

Famous Buildings / August 4, 2017

A new course for July was just added on 6/6/17. See in red below.

Also, the required tool list has just been reduced substantially. See “What to Bring” on this website.

Lodging in housekeeping-style rustic log cabins is included with tuition. Separate cabins for couples or women are on a first-registration basis.

Schedule of Full-Scribed Round-Log Construction Workshops for 2017

Log Construction Basics April 19-28 10-day 1, 150
May 17-26
June 14-23
Elements of Stonework August 11-13 3-day 300
August 16-25
September 13-22
October 18-27
July 14-23

Special Rates

  • Couples or friends on log course: $1, 100. per person.
  • Graduates taking refresher log course within 15 years of last workshop: $300.
  • People attending a course together can share many required tools. Couples will be provided with their own cabin as available on a first-come basis.
  • Any additions to the above schedule, including specialized courses for graduates, are updated periodically under the “Course Dates and Rates” and “Log Review Newsletter” headings on this website.

Source: schooloflogbuilding.com